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ExpressionEngine 2.10 compatibility

April 28, 2015

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We have tested our commercial add-ons and popular free add-ons and are compatible with the upcoming EE 2.10 release!

The full list of our add-ons is available here.

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Calculated fields for EE—Magic Fields

March 29, 2015

Tags: extensions, ee

Announcing availability of our new extension for ExpressionEngine, Magic Fields.

Magic Fields solves two problems:

1. Inconsistent titles -- Something we've all run into, your content editors aren't entering titles for entries in a consistent way and you want to create uniform titles from your custom fields.

2. Slow template code -- Sometimes we need to run expensive template code, but want to store the result until an entry is modified.

Magic Fields is a powerful extension for ExpressionEngine that allows you to specify snippets of template code that will be executed immediately...

ProForm 1.64 changelog roundup

February 11, 2015

Tags: proform, ee

It's been some time since the last annnouncement of ProForm, but there have been several releases since our last blog post. I thought I'd put together a list of what's been updated since the last post:

* Added new permission system with permissions to manage: module, forms, and entries
* Added search interface to the entries listing. On Layout tab select a field then click the override option "Show in Search?"
* Added Archive Entries feature to entries listing
* Added new proform_form::entries_filtered() to allow for searching based on filters as well as specific IDs (needed for export...

ProForm 1.47 with Conditional Fields released!

May 13, 2014

Tags: proform, ee, form, template, conditional, validation

Hello wonderful ExpressionEngine people!

The latest build of ProForm, version 1.47, is now available!

There have been a few maintenance releases since the last official announcement, with several bug fixes.

Conditional Fields

This release adds a feature I'm very excited about - Conditional Fields. These options, set on each Field's settings page, will allow you to easily control when the field is visible. The visibility also extends to validation rules for each field, so only those validation rules for visible fields will be checked.

ExpressionEngine 2.8 support fixed

This build also...

Site is back up

May 12, 2014

Tags: metasushi

We've made a very minor refresh to the site in order to prepare for a large refresh coming soon. We were down for a bit tonight while this work was completed, but should be fully back up and running now. Please post a comment on this blog post if you see anything not working properly on the site. Thanks!

baScreenShots Released

February 09, 2014

Tags: mac os, products, screenshots

We've just released a build of a tool that we've used internally for a long time - baScreenShots. This is a simple tool to automatically take screenshots of your Mac OS X desktop at a set interval - perfect for anyone that needs to review their day for a timesheet report.

ProForm 1.40

November 03, 2013

Tags: proform, ee

The latest build of ProForm, version 1.40, is now available!

This release features a new batch operations system for form entries which will allow you to manage multiple entries at a time within a form.

** If you have modified your proform/templates/default.html, be sure to back it up before installing this update! **

- Isaac & Nathanael


## Changelog ##

Features / Enhancements

* Added a new Help screen showing the latest forum posts with a quick forum search box
* Improved batch export, merged into new batch commands interface on entries...

Custom development services

October 14, 2013

Tags: ee, add-on development

Over the past few years, I've built up a lot of experience developing custom add-ons for ExpressionEngine. I've found that this ability has dramatically increased the quality and power of the sites I've been able to build over the years.

For a lot of people, this isn't something they have the time or interest to invest in learning. It's an entierly different discipline compared to the skills needed to design and create a compelling experience using ExpressionEngine.

After running a small pilot program with a number of clients to do some custom development, I've proven to myself that...

ProForm 1.39

October 13, 2013

Tags: proform

The latest build of ProForm, version 1.39, is now available!

This release features a new batch operations system for form entries which will allow you to manage multiple entries at a time within a form.

This build also rolls up bug fixes for versions of EE prior to 1.7 which were previously available as hotfixes.

** If you have modified your proform/templates/default.html, be sure to back it up before installing this update! **

See more features and purchase on ProForm's Devot:ee page.

This update is available through Devot:ee as a single license and as a 10 License Pack.

If you...

ProForm 1.36

July 30, 2013

Tags: proform, ee, form

The latest build of ProForm, version 1.36, is now available!

This version introduces a new maintnanace screen which will be used by ProForm / MetaSushi support in order to provide faster support response times by allowing you to send us your form configuration.

This release also includes a new, brief Quickstart box that makes getting started with ProForm even easier by providing basic documentation directly in the module.

This is also a maintenance release and is a recommended update for users that use the features affected by the updates.

** If you have modified your...

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